How to tell a story

16090307 - hispanic businessman sitting in a bathtub with a rubber ducky on his head, richmond, virginia, united states A guy walks into a psychiatrist’s office with a duck on his head.
The psychiatrist looks up and says, “Can I help you?”
The duck says, “Yeah, get this guy off my butt.”

In three simple lines, this old joke accomplishes the same fundamental goals an epic novel must take on.  It paints a picture, draws you in, then surprises and delights you.

It is perfection in its brevity.

Whether you are telling a joke, writing a novel, or telling your company’s story, you have the same tools at hand. Voice. Character. Place. Plot.

With over a decade of running marketing and PR for one of the largest book festivals in the country, with bylines in national and local publications, with decades of work in public radio, with a critically acclaimed novel at St. Martin’s Press, I have learned how to use these tools with precision and care.

Let me help you tell your story.

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